The state of meter reading today is depressing.

Outside my house today I was approached by a G4S meter reader asking where some roads in the Malvern area were. All his 15 year old hand held device gave him was an alphabetical list of properties he had to visit. Malvern, unlike parts of Bracknell, does not have its roads arranged in alphabetical order. I would have thought is would save a lot of time and fuel for G4S to invest a system to plan an optimal route. I suspect they just charge the energy suppliers more who then charge us!

He had just visited just one house in my road. In the old nationalise times the meter read would visit all properties in a street. And they say privatisation make things more efficient!

Maybe smart meters are the solution. But that has been messed up by the way our privatised electricity industry is organising it. The smart meters are being done by the energy suppliers not the distribution companies so if you change suppliers they have to take over a rivals smart meter. So they all have to agree a standard, which I believe they have not yet agreed on.  

Is there any case where privatisation has made things more efficient?

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