Problems with Amazon

A month ago my tablet developed a fault 2 week before its warranty ran out. So I contacted Amazon and they said I had to go the manufacturer.  On the second email they gave me the phone number of the manufacturer. They pointed out it was  Fulfilled by Amazon meaning  sent to directly by Amazon but sold by a third party. They also said:

If they want a proof of purchase, you can get a printable version of the order summary page in Your Account

So I contacted the manufacturer and after over a week they contacted my by post. Asking for proof of purchase so I did what  Amazon asked but they said:

Unfortunately, the proof of purchase you have provided did not meet Asus criteria. A valid proof of purchase should ideally be the copy of the original VAT receipt/invoice, not a printout of an order from a website, dispatch note, order note, etc. If VAT receipt/invoice is not available, it should be a letterhead, with a clear date of purchase, VAT number, retailer company details, and an Asus product clearly listed as the sold item.

Please contact your seller, Pleasure and they will be able to provide a copy of valid proof of purchase for your product.”

If I did get a proof of purchase it would cost me £55.22 to get it repaired or £40.85 to just return it. 

So I contacted Amazon and after trying and failing to get a VAT receipt of the seller  they refunded me £196.95 but wanted the tablet back! One would have thought they would like just to pay £55.22 but no.

After many emails and now a month after I first contacted them this did not change. 

So in the end I paid the £40.85  and I am sending the tablet back.  And I am buying a reconditioned table for £127.46 from BT of all placed.

So if all goes well I should make a profit of £28.64 but I am not sure it is worth the hassle.

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